PBC Feeds

Manor Farm Feeds have pioneered a completely new concept in compound feeds. They are called Precision Blended Compounds.

Traditional compound feeds are made from a number of ingredients, all of which are ground to a meal, mixed together and then pelleted using heat and pressure. Precision Blended Compounds are made from a range of pure materials, all of which have been pelleted at their point of production. We then very accurately blend together these ingredients to form a compound which has a number of advantages:

Advantages of Precision Blended Compounds

1.  Ingredients are in their natural form (not ground) producing slower, safer and more efficient rumen digestion. Sugar Beet Pulp is a good example of this effect. Take a sugar beet pellet from our PBC Compound and wet it. It will open out to produce sugar beet shreds. Take a pellet of a conventional compound feed containing sugar beet and wet this. The result is a wet meal.
 2. Natural vitamins often are destroyed in the high temperature grind and pellet process. They all survive the gentle PBC process.

3.    We cannot possibly use any unpalatable ingredients in our PBC feeds, since they will be selected out by your livestock. Compounds often contain, at best, small quantities of unpalatable ingredients (e.g. Palm Kernel). This depresses intake, although you may not notice this since it may be  5-10% or so.

4. Formulations are fixed. You can see for yourself what these compounds contain, like you can with coarse mixtures.

5. Pellet integrity is good and Parlour and Creep Feeder applications are no problem.

6. The relatively low cost of Precision Blending compared to pelleting results in a very cost effective product

7. These feeds contain all necessary minerals and vitamins and can be made to suit your own precise requirements.

Example Products: (Available in bulk only)

Summer Milk 18 Dairy:        

         Ideal feed for early summer milk from grass

Cattle Classic 18:

        Complimentary feed for growing cattle & heifers

Lamb Finisher Creep:

        Ad libitum feeding to growing and finishing lambs

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